Peppermint Collection

Peppermint ingredient combined with our active Panax Ginseng Root Extract is popular because of its refreshing scent and benefits for the scalp and hair growth.

    Cleansing Shampoo: Peppermint shampoo can provide a refreshing cleanse for your hair and scalp. The cooling sensation of peppermint can also help to soothe an itchy scalp.

    Conditioner: Peppermint conditioner can help to nourish and hydrate your hair while providing a refreshing scent.

    Leave –in-conditioner: Our Leave-in conditioner is designed to provide ongoing nourishment and protection to the hair throughout the day.

    Hair serum: Our Hair growth serums is formulated with ingredients that can help to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

    Scalp Balm: Peppermint scalp helps to stimulate hair growth and soothe an itchy, irritated scalp.


    Step 1: Wet your hair, apply a suitable amount of peppermint shampoo, massage it into your scalp and hair. Repeat wait until generous foam is achieved, as this is an indication that your hair and scalp are clear of dirt, oil, and product build-up. Rinse thoroughly.

    Step 2: Apply the conditioner correctly: After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots. Gently massage the conditioner into your hair, making sure to distribute it evenly. Leave conditioner for 5min. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair with cool water.

    Step 3: Apply Leave – in - Conditioner to the hair after washing and conditioning, and leave- in without rinsing.

    Step 4: Start with clean, towel-dried or silk towel – dried hair. Pump drops of serums to palm of hands, rub together and apply evenly on hair starting from the mid-lengths to the ends. Use desired quantities.

    Step 5: Scoop a small amount of balm onto your fingertips and gently massage it into your scalp using circular motions. Make sure to cover the entire scalp and focus on any areas where you have dryness or hair loss. Use your fingertips to massage the balm into your scalp for a few minutes. This will help to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.